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2015 Conference Session Topics


Lou Holtz will give the keynote address on Thursday, November 12. Holtz has established himself as one of the most successful college football coaches of all time. Holtz is the only coach in the history of college football to: 1) Take 6 different teams to a bowl game. 2) Win 5 bowl games with different teams. 3) To have 4 different college teams ranked in the final Top 20 poll. For many years Holtz has been considered among the greatest speaking legends in America today. He speaks on overcoming seemingly impossible challenges by setting your own goals and working to achieve them. He has built a reputation as a motivator, a demanding disciplinarian and someone who relishes challenges and hard work. More information »

Oil Markets Tanking: Now What?
  Just recently, the overall oil market has sunk to new lows not seen since 2009. An industry expert will inform attendees what they believe the market will look like in the next three, six and twelve months so members can best prepare their companies to succeed.

Government Affairs Executive Summary


2015 has been a very active government affairs year. The current and future health of the industry the responsibly recycles used oil and related materials in largely dependent on the regulatory environment. This session will provide a high level view of the major government affairs projects NORA has addressed in 2015 and how they affect your business.


Obamacare: What businesses need to know now.


Mandates. Tax credits. Non-reimbursable plans. The Affordable care act is just over five years old and many of the provisions are just starting to hit the business community. Learn  what you need to know now to protect your business and provide your employees affordable coverage.


Cracking: An Old Idea Applied to Used Oil


Refineries have moved to include more and more cracking technologies to provide them with more flexibility and profitability especially in the US. This has had an impact on the price of residual and used oil. The same type of technology could be used to complement the distillation and hydrotreating operations for used oil processors. Like refineries, it can improve their flexibility and profitability while at the same time be better for the environment.


VTAE: Update on NORA’s Effort to Protect This Market 


Some people call it asphalt flux. Others call it re-refined engine bottoms (REOB). NORA calls it Vacuum Tower Asphalt Extender (VTAE). Over the past 18 months, many states have moved to ban or limit the use of this material produced by re-refiners and advanced processors of used oil. Attend this session to learn about NORA’s effort to promote a healthy and expanding market for VTAE products.


Hedging: How to Protect Against Price Volatility


If you are in the used oil business, you know how important it is to understand and manage price volatility. Attendees at the NORA conference will learn about hedging and how it may be a tool you can use to minimize your risk (and your customer’s risk) to related to price volatility. 


TSCA Reform Update: NORA & EPA Working Together to Solve the PCB Problem


NORA members continue to grapple with the problem of PCBs showing up in used oil and wastewater. Despite the safeguards and procedures that most members have in place to protect against PCB contamination, stuff happens. And when it does, current EPA rules and regulations force us into an unnecessary, wasteful and costly nightmare. Attend this session to learn about the great progress NORA and EPA have made in 2015 to provide relief to NORA members.


Social Media: Opportunity and Threats for NORA Members


YouTube. Twitter. Instagram. Until now, you may have thought these were better left to the teenagers. Today, businesses are beginning to utilize LinkedIn and many of the other services to promote and grow their business. There are also risks about employees sharing company information through these non-traditional channels; especially as younger employees who grew up with social media enter the workforce. This session will bring you up to speed on how to positively utilize social media to grow your business and strategies to minimize the risk to your company. 


Optimization of Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST)


There are over 18 million ASTs in the US alone, many of which are used by the oil recycling industry. Regulatory and compliance standards are beginning to increase in this area. This interactive session will address AST compliance regulations, safety regulations, inventory management practices and available technologies. A case study featuring a NORA member will also be presented to explore real life solutions.


Technology Selection as a Final Step in Re-Refining Process


Re-refineries range in sizes from small-scale skid mounted units to multi-million gallons per year production facilities.  No matter the size, they require several stages of processing including a final polishing stage to meet their desired specifications.  Most large-scale re-refineries operate hydrotreaters to produce high quality group II and III base oils, but small to medium scale operators use skid mounted filtration/polishing units using activated bauxite or Fuller’s earth (clay). This session will explore “rocket technology” which is an activated bauxite based polishing system.


Safety Issues Involving Oil Shipments By Rail


NORA professionals will offer a comprehensive presentation on safety issues involving oil shipments by rail and inform you of pending legislation and regulations. Such legislation and regulations would affect shipments of used oil by rail.

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