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2016 Conference Sessions
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Opening Session

The Economy: How Did We Get Here and What is the Forecast for 2017
By Dr. Loren Scott, President of Loren C. Scott & Associates, Inc.

According to the Congressional Research Service, the pace of economic growth in the United States since the end of the recession in 2009 has been slower than the previous 10 expansions, with the worst rate since 1949. GDP growth is hovering less than 2%, wages are stagnant and 94 million people are not in the work force. How did we get here? More importantly, this session will explore the economic forecast for 2017.


When will Oil Break Out of the $40 Funk?
By Dr. Loren Scott

For the last two years oil has been hovering around $40/barrel compared to levels twice that high for the three years prior to that. The oil market has tremendous impact on how NORA membership operate their businesses and plan for the future. Is oil going to stay at $40 or are there fundamentals indicating change is on the way? An industry expert will inform attendees what they believe the market will look like in the next three to twelve months. This will help member prepare their companies to succeed.


Clinton or Trump: How the 2016 Election will Affect NORA Members
By Chris Harris, Harris Law Office

The NORA Conference will take place two days after the Presidential Election. A comprehensive analysis of the election  results and what they mean for American businesses and our industry will be provided. If the Democrats take over the Senate, who will be in charge of environmental legislation? What can we expect at EPA if Donald Trump is elected? Will there be more (not less) Washington gridlock regardless of who is elected President? What is the future of the Republican Party if Trump is defeated? 


Used Oil Market Trend & Price Survey:
Understand Your Market
By Scott Parker

NORA is planning on conducting the first ever survey of market trends and pricing data related to the used oil market. The information will be collected and compiled by the association and then distributed to members. At the conference, you will have the opportunity to learn about this program and have input on what type of data will be collected. (This program has been carefully crafted to comply with the Nation’s anti-trust laws and has been reviewed by a legal counsel).


Industry Roundtable: A Look into the Next 12-24 

Months Flat oil prices. Industry consolidation. Changing end-user markets. NORA is bringing together an all-star panel of industry leaders to assess the current state of the industry and what it will look like over the next 12-24 months. This is a must attend for the strongest companies that are looking to survive and thrive by gaining robust insight into the market. This panel will be moderated by NORA’s Executive Director.


Using an Engineering Approach To Solve Challenging Problems in Our Industry 
By Gary L. Risse, P.E., Senior Engineer at Trihydro Corporation

Water treatment issues at your facility?  Odor problems? Should I relocate to that bigger facility?  It worked over there, why doesn’t it work over here?  Any of these questions sound familiar?  Pushing the easy button in our industry can often lead to less than optimal solutions for technical problems.  What might look good on paper for year one, might not look as good for years two through five.  Does somebody have a better mousetrap, and how do I go about making a realistic evaluation of its viability.  There’s no secret that engineers love to solve problems, and that problem solving method can carry over to a variety of applications at member facilities.  We will discuss some of these methods and how they can be adapted to your needs.


Introducing NORA SocialLink: Year-round Networking Made Easy
By Scott Parker

The greatest value of NORA membership is networking which leads to business development and greater knowledge of your industry. However, most NORA networking has been concentrated around the various events the association hosts. That is until now.
NORA has developed a first of its kind solution that will allow members to utilize social media and mobile integration to allow members to easily stay connected every day.

Learn how you can use NORA’s new SocialLink to easily build stronger connections throughout the industry to help grow your business and gain the information you need to effectively run your business by leveraging the NORA network.


STI/Small Tank Categorization and Inspection Fundamentals
By James Gibson, STI/SPCC Compliance Manager at TCI Services

Guidance for All Storage Tank Owners: Specific criteria includ-ing spill control, overfill prevention, tank capacity, continuous release detection method, containment, and other factors determine the scope/frequency ASTs are to be inspected to meet SPCC requirements.


Government Affairs: Executive Summary
By Chris Harris, Harris Law Office and Jack Waggener, AECOM

2016 has been a very active government affairs year. The current and future health of the industry that responsibly recycles used oil and related materials is largely dependent on the regulatory environment. This session will provide a high level view of the major government affairs projects NORA has addressed in 2016 and how they affect your business.


Monitoring Critical Machinery Health and Reliability with the Industrial Internet of Things
By Mike Murray, Senior IoT Product and Channel Manager and Dan Yarmoluk, Business Development Executive

 As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) gains popularity, the cloud of confusion around it seems only to grow. What is the Industrial Internet of Things? What kind of data does it create and what value does it add to the business? Most importantly, how does that relate to the lube, fuel and refining markets? Businesses are quickly putting together their IIoT strategies to insure critical uptime and improve machine reliability and those who don’t are losing market share. The presentation will include a case study piece from an IIoT user.

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