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2017 Conference Sessions
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Dedication, Pride & Commitment:  Leadership Lessons From Black Hawk Down 
For Business & For Life

By Sergeant Matt Eversmann
Hero of the Battle of Mogadishu and Portrayed in the Epic Film, Black Hawk Down

First Sergeant Matt Eversmann (Ret.) is a testament to the true nature of war and heroism. He is immortalized in the epic film Black Hawk Down and the 2004 book The Battle of Mogadishu, which tell the heroic story of a group of elite United States soldiers sent to Somalia in 1993 as part of a United Nations peacekeeping operation.

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2018 Economic Forecast & the Future of the Overall Oil Market
By Dr. Loren Scott, President 
Loren C. Scott & Associates, Inc.

With GDP growth increasing, regulatory burdens waning and the potential for tax cuts, the overall economy is gaining steam. This session will explore the 2018 economic forecast. In addition, this industry expert will inform attendees what they should expect the oil market to look like over the next three, six and twelve months so members can best prepare their companies to succeed. The oil market has a tremendous impact on how NORA members operate their businesses and plan for the future. Is oil going to stay where it is or are there fundamentals indicating change is on the way? This will help members prepare their companies to succeed. 

When Crisis Strikes
by NORA Panel

With the recent hurricanes striking various cities, the importance of preparing for the unexpected has been emphasized. Whether it is a natural disaster, loss of a key employee or an accident, all NORA members should have plans in case the unexpected happens. A panel of NORA members that have recently been faced with unforeseen situations will explain how they managed it and what they learned to help improve their systems and plans for the future.


Making the Business Case for EHS Excellence

By Chip Duffie, Owner  
EHS Momentum 

Understanding the true costs of doing it right are important. All NORA members have a responsibility to be in compliance and protect their employees, but how can you maintain high performance with limited resources. Join industry veteran Chip Duffie to learn about potential legal pitfalls and achievable best practices that can help you realize the true value of your EHS investments. 


Enhancing the Thermal Fluid Experience
By Ryan Ritz, Global Product Manager
Paratherm Heat Transfer Fluids
A Division of Lubrizol

Heat transfer fluids (thermal fluids, hot oils) are utilized at multiple stages of the used oil re-refinement process; along the path from pre-heating to hydrotreating; serving to control temperatures of reboilers, jacketed reactors, film evaporators & vacuum distillation units. These specialized fluids are preferred for their ability to provide uniform, reliable and efficient temperature control throughout an entire heated operation. These performance advantages are highly dependent on the existence of a properly designed, well maintained system and adherence to established operating parameters. The majority of unforeseen issues and system failures are directly related to flawed operating practices and routine maintenance oversights that lead to inefficient heat transfer and premature fluid degradation over time. Attendees of this session will be introduced to key fundamentals of heat transfer & engage in practical discussion of real-world, industry-specific scenarios and expert insights that will ultimately serve as a best practices guide to optimize performance at the plant level.


Capital Investments: Known Technology Versus Patents
By Louis Bertrand, President
Sweet Gazoil

Investing in a technology most often involves a big investment in fixed assets that will have long term implications. It is an essential part of the overall strategy and it will likely determine the competitive position of the company for years to come. The oil recycling market is volatile and it is difficult to ascertain the best course of action. There are many paths possible, one can go for known and “reliable” processes or in some cases go for new technologies that can provide a competitive advantage. How do we help the decision process for our industry? 


Combating Mercaptans 
by Brian Hallett, Vice President – Product Development Interrachem, LLC.

All NORA members that utilize distillation technology 
have had to address the issue of mercaptans. Eliminating/minimizing this pungent-smell is important to advanced processors. This session will explore the various technologies and solutions and their benefits so NORA members know what options are available.


NORA Market Intelligence
by Scott Parker, Executive Director

Understanding where the market is and where it is headed is helps NORA members prepare their business plans in 2018. Attendees for this session will be provided the latest information about NORA’s Advanced Processor Map with info about current and future facilities that produce re-refined lubricants, VGO and MDO. In addition, data related to the quick lube market will be provided. Quick lubes generate many of the gallons collected by NORA members.


Off-Spec Used Oil: EPA “Self-Guided Exemption”?
By Chris Harris, General Counsel

NORA was recently successful in protecting markets for off-spec used oil. Part of the new program will require NORA members to perform a “self-guided exemption”. This session will explain what the exemption is, if you need to perform it and answer questions you may have related to today’s regulations surrounding off-spec used oil fuel. 


End Market: Recycled Fuel Oil

By Jay Hansen, Executive Vice President
National Asphalt Pavement Association

Over the past few years, the market share of recycled fuel oil consumed at hot mix asphalt plants has diminished. Because of 2017 market conditions, the demand for RFO has increased. This session will provide the latest RFO volumes and key drivers to consider for 2018 budgeting.

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