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2018 NORA Trade Show Exhibitors
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1954 Manufacturing


 Colin Dickinson   |   |   (760) 998-8801  |  (940) 521-9807    |

Our product and market focus will be Oil Recovery, Vacuum, Bulk Oil, and Combination Used Oil Pickup/New Oil Delivery vehicles. With over 30 years’ experience in this market we offer the best quality products at an affordable price. Our product service and support is better than any other manufacturer in the market place. We will build to your individual requirements or assist to standardize your fleet. We offer complete turn key products from supplying the chassis to installing your company logos as well as delivery.

BOOTH#: 400





AECOM Corporation

  Jack Waggener, P.E.  |  |  (615) 771-2480  |

AECOM Corporation is a full service engineering design firm with over 300 offices and 100,000 employees around the world. Services include environmental engineering consultant - water, air, solid waste, used oil.

BOOTH#: 106





AMCS/DesertMicro  |  (800) 962-9264  |

AMCS/DesertMicro provides management software for oil waste, recovery and recycled industry. PetrolManager provides detailed history, extensive billing options, container tracking, lab results, profiling, routing and dispatching.

BOOTH #: 410





Bedford Industries, Inc


Dave Ledoux  |  |  (360) 770-0612  |

Manufacture a full line of oil filter crushers, drum crushers, and oil filter balers. On the market since 1989, the OBERG filter Crusher has stood the test of time.

BOOTH #: 511





Boerger, LLC


Jeff Seaton  |  |  (612) 435-7300  |

Boerger specializes in reliable and cost effective Rotary Lobe Pumps and Macerating Technology for the conveyance of low to high viscous and abrasive materials

BOOTH #: 203






Build-All Corporation









  Jim Odom  |  |  (800) 558-2148  |


Manufacturer of parts washers and degreasing equipment.


BOOTH #: 506

  Chemical Engineering Partners

  Harrison Phillips & Joshua Park | | (949) 440-8317 |

Chemical Engineering partners (CEP) provides used oil re-refining design and technology to clients worldwide. CEP is a global leader in licensing state of the art re-refining technology and hydrotreating processes, with over 10 plants operating worldwide.

BOOTH#: 105


ChemTec, LLC





Bryan Gray  |  |  (812) 499-8408  | 


ChemTec, a new chemical company with more than 50 years of experience, is the leading pioneer in functional & green chemistry solutions for the liquid recycling market.  With offices and manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe, ChemTec is a niche producer of specialty chemicals.  Markets we service include: the oilfield sector, waste oil recycling, waste water treatment and industrial fluids.  In order to keep costs down for our clients we practice local blending, warehousing and JIT (just-in-time) manufacturing and delivery to meet any client’s needs.  ChemTec provides a superior product and has the staff to support all of your needs. 


BOOTH #: 407






James Lawson  |  |  (865) 250-5434  |

An industry leading supplier of water treatment and oil processing specialty chemicals. 

BOOTH#: 503




  Clean Burn LLC


Barry Brandt |  | (608) 757-6460  |

Manufacturer of commercial heating equipment including waste oil fired heaters and boilers and diesel fired radiant heaters.


BOOTH#: 510





Dexsil Corporation


Tim Lynn  |   |   (203) 288-3509   | 

On-site test kits that are quick and easy to use, affording the user an economical advantage over time-consuming and costly laboratory methods. Products detect chlorine contamination in used oil, organic chlorine in wastewater, and more.

BOOTH #: 207





DLA Disposition Services


Jennifer Ganka  |  |  (269) 961-5028  | 

Part of the Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Disposition Services disposes of excess property received from the military services. The property is first offered for reutilization within the Department of Defense (DoD), transfer to other federal agencies, or donation to state and local governments. Excess property that is not reutilized, transferred or donated may be sold to the public.  The property, no longer needed by the government, is only sold if it is appropriate and safe for sale to the general public.

BOOTH #: 104



Eastman Chemical Company





Eastman Therminol | | (800) 426-2463  |

Heat Transfer Fluids - Therminol

BOOTH #: 509




Engine & Accessory, Inc.


Craig Smith | | (305) 573-2268  |

Waste Oil Trucks/Vacuum Trucks

BOOTH #: 505





Eurecat US



Tim Campbell  |  |  (832) 284-0609  |

Supplier of regenerated hydrotreating catalyst, catalyst sulfiding/activation services, catalyst regeneration, and specialty grading.

BOOTH #: 211





Evolution Sorbent Products a NPS Company


Chris Keagle  |  |  (630) 450-6558  |

Oil absorbent and spill control products (environmental, industrial, hazmat).

BOOTH #: 408





Flottweg Separation Technology, Inc.




Terry Ostrom  |  |  (513) 314-2501  |

Decanter, Tricanter, and Separator Centrifuges for oil, water, solids separation.

BOOTH #: 201





Fountain Industries LLC


Bill Dea - President/CEO  |  |  (800) 328-3594  |

Fountain Industries LLC is proud to be an industry leading US manufacturer with complete product coverage of aqueous and solvent type parts washers in all capacities including spray cabinets and other speciality products.

BOOTH #: 310





HAZ~MAT Environmental Services


Bill Dempsey  |  |  (704) 332-5600   |

Provides industrial cleaning, emergency response, hazardous & non-hazardous transportation & disposal, recycling of waste oil, fuels, oil filters, & glycols. Manufactures and sells antifreeze blends and glycol distillation equipment to ASTM standards.

BOOTH #: 309









Scott Richards  |  | (502) 821-2222  |

IMACC Corp is a leading reconditioner and recycler of IBC’s (totes) and poly drums. Our services include empty container collection, sales of new, reconditioned and remanufactured IBC’s as well as end of life container recycling programs.

BOOTH #: 110




InCon Process Systems - GIG Karasek


Ralph Scully  |  |  (630) 305-8556  |

 Offering 25 years' experience in Used Oil distillation systems. Our clients range from fuel blenders wishing to upgrade to cleaner fuel or base oils to those seeking DCS controlled Modular Plants. Major clients upgrade to GIG Karasek Short Path Technology replacing other less robust technologies. We also develop systems using Conventional Evaporation Techniques followed by deep recovery using Short Path Evaporation.

BOOTH#: 109





Innovative Fluids 


Todd McClead, U.S. National Accounts Manager  |  |  (216) 385-8601  |

"Bulk" Windshield Washer Fluid and Antifreeze. Your NORA Partner for Direct Shipments to your Customer.

BOOTH #: 500







Curtis Ellis  |  |  812-858-3147  |

InTerraChem (ITC) manufactures high-quality chemistries such as Demulsifiers, Water Treatment Products, H2S and Odor Scavengers, Refinery Application Chemistries and may others that are utilized in the Energy, Water, and Industrial sectors.

BOOTH#: 210





Lamb Fuels, Inc.




  Gregory Lamb | | 619-994-1142  |

Buyers of recyclable fuels. Gas. Diesel. Jet. Avgas. Transmix

BOOTH #: 308

Kenworth of South Florida




Todd Hays  |  |  954-523-5484  |

Kenworth of South Florida is your NORA Lead Dealer for Kenworth and Hino trucks. We custom order and have in-stock chassis’ ready for delivery nationwide. We are a Paccar Global Sales dealer and export solutions worldwide.

BOOTH #: 301





MemPore Environmental Technologies


Alan Fox  |  |  (844) 636-7673 |

Nano-filtration membrane systems for converting used oil into base stock.

BOOTH #: 204






Minnesota Petroleum Service, Inc.








  Chad Steinke | | (612) 254-5098 |

Minnesota Petroleum Service Inc. is a fully licensed recycling facility in Minneapolis, MN. We recycle petroleum contaminated/impacted water, and by recycling with us, you are not a hazardous waste generator! Fast turnaround time for transport trucks.

BOOTH #: 101
  Modern Fuels, LLC


Tom Murray | | (940) 300-8790 |

Modern Fuels, LLC owns and licenses proprietary technologies for efficiently converting used lubricating oils and other hydrocarbon waste streams into ultra-high quality marine fuels. Products created using Modern Fuels technologies will exceed upcoming IMO 2020 standards for very low sulfur fuel oils as well as more restrictive MGO fuel requirements.

BOOTH #: 100

  MultiTherm, LLC 


Matt Edie  |  |  (610) 408-8361  |

Leading supplier of Heat Transfer Fluids and System Cleaners. Within a temperature range of -15'° F to 660'° F, MultiTherm can successfully and economically accommodate a customer's heating or cooling requirements.

BOOTH #: 502



  Nuance Solutions


Matthew Ahrens | | (800) 621-8553  |

Since 1972, Nuance Solutions has formulated and manufactured specialty cleaning chemistry to serve industrial consumers. We also offer custom dispensing systems to ensure consistent performance, employee safety and cost control.

BOOTH #: 403




Par-Kan Company


Kyle Bruner  |  |  (260) 479-0259  |

Par-Kan offers Leakproof Steel Containers for storage of disposable oils and filters. Containers are available in various sizes with poly lids, fork pockets and caster frames.

BOOTH#: 306




Paratherm -  Heat Transfer Fluids


Ryan Ritz, Global Director of Technology  |  |  (610) 941-4900 | 

Superior heat transfer fluids ranging from -127°F to +675°F
Refined petroleum & synthetic oils & thermal system cleaners
Fluid Analysis Technical Support & Training
We stock what we sell all the time in all volumes available globally

BOOTH #: 200



  PESCO - Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Company

 PESCO - Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Company


Luke Staengl  |  |  (540) 206-2788  |

Over 24 years in quality used oil recovery. Custom designed and built, complete turnkey, skid mounted, affordable systems with clay filtration, solvent extraction and hydrotreating lube polishing options. Engineered to meet your specific product goals.

BOOTH #: 411




Petroleum Solids Control, Inc.



Derek Vignovich | |  (562) 449-7692 |

Dewatering rental equipment: centrifuges, mud cleaners

BOOTH#: 209






Porocel International


Nirav Shah  |  |  (832) 688-9696 extn 213  |

Porocel offers comprehensive solutions for the polishing steps, including hydrotreating or bauxite treatment for re-refineries. We are a major supplier of the catalysts, metal traps & bed supports for hydrotreaters along with pre-sulphiding or pre-activation technology for quick and easy start-up. Porocel is also the leading supplier of the activated bauxite globally,  including a total solution with skid mounted units.

BOOTH#: 302





Seneca Tank


Mark Menard   |   |  (515) 262-5900  |

Seneca Tank is an International supplier of petroleum tank trucks, transports, lube vans, and used oil recycling units. Our expert parts department supports a full line of tank truck parts, hydraulic equipment, and PTO’s.

BOOTH#: 404






Thomas Sousa  |  |  (800) 228-3877  |

Absorbents, Spill Kits, Containment

BOOTH #: 300






Summit Environmental Technologies 


Larry Pacheco  |  |  (615) 794-9437  |
Michael Pacheco | | (615) 720-7568 

Full service Petroleum and Environmental laboratory. Summit Labs performs 90%+ of third party analysis for the used oil/refining Industries in the U.S. and Canada. NELAC and Individual State Certifications.

BOOTH #:108




The Ultragen Group Ltd.





Steve Surveyer  |  |   (450) 650-0770  |

Engineering Consulting

BOOTH #: 102


Thermopac Process Engineering LLP




Prasad V. Bhat   |  |  (+91) 22-2617-8080  |

Thermopac Group bears a legacy of over 30 years in the Oil Refinery field, being reputable for reliability, trust and transparency. We have built used oil refineries in five different continents and as of now more than 20 turn key plants are in operation.

BOOTH #: 402





Titan Logix Corp


Brett Schmidt  |  |  (816) 730-7701  |

 Titan Logix Corp.’s Guided Wave Radar gauges provide accurate, reliable level measurement, and Failsafe Overfill prevention.

 Designed for mobile tanks, to keep drivers off the top of the tank, and provide remote access data tracking. 

BOOTH #: 305






Transcourt Tank Leasing Inc.


Shawn Rogers  |  |  (773) 800-2617  |

Transcourt provides leasing and long-term rental solutions for the liquid and dry bulk tanker market. Our fleet includes new and used stainless steel chemical trailers, aluminum crude oil and petroleum tankers, pneumatic dry bulkers and propane/LPG units.

BOOTH #: 208






Trihydro Corporation 


Gary Risse, P.E  |  |  (678) 320-0493  |

Trihydro is an engineering and environmental firm offering due diligence; air & wastewater design/ops; multi-media permitting, compliance audits; soil & groundwater assessment/remediation services to NORA member industries.

BOOTH #: 401




  Truck Works LLC 

Heather Dickinson  |  |  (602) 233-3713  |

OEM of Custom Liquid Hauling Equipment to support NORA members. Waste Oil Recovery tanks available in Steel, Stainless and Aluminum with capacities ranging from 1500-5000 gallons. Vacuum tanks available in Steel, Stainless and Aluminum with capacities ranging from 1200-5000 gallons. Refurbishing options and kits, build to order.

BOOTH #: 301





Uni-ram Corporation



Jay Farquharson   |   |   800-417-9133    |

BOOTH #: 303


US Foundry 


Brian Martin  | | (305) 885-0301  |

US Foundry & MFG corp a manufacturing company producing municipal castings used in the building and road construction industry

BOOTH#: 111



XL Insurance, Division of AXA


Matt Gartner  |  |  (610) 968-9294  |

The environmental division of the XL Insurance companies offers integrated environmental risk management® solutions through insurance, loss control and claims management to leading businesses.

BOOTH #: 311




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