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NORA Members and Member Testimonials


September 1, 2020


  • A-Line TDS
  • Aaron Oil Company, LLC, a Tradebe Company
  • AB Environmental
  • ABS Materials, Inc.
  • Action Oil
  • Adcon Environmental, LLC
  • Advantage Environmental Corp
  • AECOM Corporation
  • Aevitas Specialty Services Corp.
  • AGC International, LLC
  • Air Products
  • Alamo Petroleum Exchange
  • Alternative Environmental & Recycling Services Inc
  • Altom Transport, Inc
  • Amchem Inc.
  • AMCS
  • American Petroleum Institute
  • American Testing Technologies
  • Apollos Water
  • Arizona Waste Oil Services, Inc
  • ASI Environmental
  • Atlantic Industrial Services Inc.
  • Automotive Oil Change
  • Association (AOCA)
  • Avista Oil
  • Axelrod Energy Projects, LLC
  • B & E Oil Svcs. Inc.
  • BC Used Oil Management Association
  • Beaver Oil Company Inc
  • Bedford Industries, Inc
  • Bee Green Oil & Filter Disposal
  • Blue Process Advisors, LLC
  • Bright Technologies a Division of Sebright Products, Inc.
  • Brown DuPree Oil Co
  • Brown Gibbons Lang & Company, LLC
  • Brown Industrial Inc
  • Buck's Oil Company
  • Build-All Corporation
  • C Stoddard & Sons Inc
  • Catalyst Trading Co, LTD
  • Central Ohio Oil, Inc.
  • Chem32 LLC
  • Chemline Products Co
  • ChemTec LLC
  • ChemTreat
  • Circon Environmental
  • Clairvest Group Inc
  • Clean Burn LLC
  • Clean Green
  • Clean Water of New York, Inc.
  • Cleanaway
  • CleanEarth Technologies Inc.
  • Cleantech Environmental Inc.
  • Cliff Berry Inc.
  • Coastal Refining Corporation
  • Coastline Chemical, Inc.
  • Colas Inc.
  • Coles Environmental
  • Como Lube and Supplies Inc
  • Construction Resources Management
  • Covanta Environmental Solutions
  • Crane's Waste Oil, Inc
  • CRH Americas Materials
  • CRI Recycling Service, Inc.
  • Denver Oil
  • Dexsil Corporation
  • DFW Waste Oil Service, Inc.
  • Dober Chemical Corporation
  • Dolphin Centrifuge
  • Double T Resources Inc.
  • Duke's Oil Service, LLC
  • Dyno Nobel Inc
  • East Side Oil Company
  • Eco Klean S.A.
  • Eco Services DBR Inc.
  • Eco-Maxx
  • EcoLube Recovery LLC
  • Ecosorb International Inc.
  • EHS Momentum
  • Eldredge, Inc.
  • EMC Oil Co
  • EnergyLogic
  • Engine & Accessory, Inc.
  • Engineers & Consultants Ltd
  • Enterprise Oil
  • Environmental Oil Recovery
  • Environmental Protection Services
  • Environmental Recovery Corporation
  • Environmental Specialists Inc


  • EnviroSolids, L.L.C.
  • Eurecat US
  • Ewor (Pty) Ltd
  • Excel Environmental Inc
  • ExxonMobil Fuels and Lubricants
  • FFS Refiners (Pty) Limited
  • Flexilube (Pty) Ltd
  • FLIR Systems, Inc.
  • Flottweg Separation Technology, Inc.
  • Fountain Industries LLC
  • Freedom Used Oil L.L.C.
  • Fremouw Environmental Services Inc.
  • Fuel Source LLC
  • GEA Group
  • Gen III Oil Corporation
  • General Environmental Services
  • Geophia LLC
  • Georgia Petroleum Inc.
  • GFL Environmental Inc.
  • Global Fuel Recovery, LLC
  • Great Western Glycol
  • Greenberg Traurig, LLP
  • GTech USA
  • Halron Lubricants Inc
  • Harvest Fuels
  • Haz~Mat Environmental Services
  • Hazleton Oil & Environmental, Inc.
  • Heritage - Crystal Clean, LLC
  • Holston Environmental Services, Inc.
  • HOWCO Environmental Services
  • HTP Energy
  • Husky Corporation
  • Hydrocarbon Engineering Processing Inc.
  • Hydrodec of North America, LLC
  • IHS Markit
  • Illini Environmental, Inc.
  • Illinois Recovery Group, Inc.
  • Imperial Industries Inc.
  • InCon Process Systems - GIG Karasek GmbH
  • Innovative Fluids
  • Integrity Industries
  • InTerraChem, LLC.
  • Interstate Truck Bodies
  • Ironshore Environmental
  • J & J Waste Oil Inc
  • J. Smith Lanier & Co.
  • Jaxon Filtration
  • Jebro Inc
  • Kentucky Petroleum Recycling Inc
  • Kern Oil Filter Recycling
  • Keteca USA, Inc.
  • Kline & Company, Inc.
  • Lamb Fuels, Inc
  • LeBeouf Towing
  • LEL Environmental, LTD
  • Liquid Environmental Solutions
  • Loe's Oil Company Inc
  • Lone Wolf Petroleum Co
  • LORCO Petroleum Services
  • Lub y Rec de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
  • Lube-Tech Liquid Recycling, Inc.
  • Luzon Environmental Services
  • Lwart Lubrificantes
  • Marsh & McLennan Agency - Environmental Insurance Group
  • Masafi Company Ltd
  • Maximum Oil Service
  • MemPore Environmental Technologies
  • Midwest Environmental Services
  • Midwest Gas
  • Mielke Environmental
  • Minnesota Petroleum Service, Inc.
  • Modern Fuels LLC
  • Monarch Environmental Inc.
  • MultiTherm LLC
  • Murphy Petroleum Transport LLC
  • National Chemical Supply Corp
  • National Petroleum Products Co.
  • Navusoft, LLC
  • Noble Oil Services Inc.
  • NOCO Energy Corp
  • Nortek Global HVAC LLC
  • Northland Products Company
  • Northstar Environmental Group, Inc.
  • NPS Spill Control LLC.
  • Nuance Solutions
  • Nuset Industries, Inc.
  • NY Oil Recovery


  • Oil Re-Refining Company
  • Oil Recovery Corp
  • Oilmen's Truck Tanks Inc.
  • Olein Recovery Corporation
  • On-Site Antifreeze Recycling
  • On-Site Recycling
  • OnePlus Systems
  • Onken Inc
  • ORG CHEM Group, LLC
  • Origin
  • OSI Environmental
  • Pacific Environmental Corporation
  • Par-Kan Company
  • Paratherm a Division of Lubrizol
  • PegEx, Inc.
  • PESCO - Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Company
  • Petroleum Recycling Corp
  • Petromax, Ltd
  • PetroSolutions LLC
  • Petrotech Southeast, Inc.
  • Porocel International
  • Praxair, Inc.
  • Product Recovery Technology International Inc.
  • Progressive Rail, Inc
  • PT
  • Puraglobe
  • Q Environmental, Inc.
  • Quala Environmental Services
  • Quest Resource Management Group
  • Radian Chemicals LLC
  • Ramos Environmental Services
  • Rational Energies HC, Inc.
    Recycle Oil Co
  • Rice Oil & Environmental
  • RND Service LLC
  • Rock Oil Refining Inc
  • Rogue Waste Recovery & Environmental, Inc.
  • Roper Pump Company
  • Safety Research Consultants, Inc.
  • Safety-Kleen, a Clean Harbors Company
  • Sam Industrie
  • Select Environmental, An O'Rourke Co.
  • Seneca Tank
  • Sequoia Global Inc.
  • Sheldon Oil Services, Inc.
  • Solvents and Petroleum Service Inc.
  • Southwest Oil Inc
  • SpecOil
  • Speedy Oil Recovery
  • SpillTech
  • Spirit Energy Services, LLC
  • StillClean
  • Strategic Transportation Resources Inc
  • Summit Environmental Technologies
  • Sunrise Environmental Corporation
  • Sweet Gazoil Inc.
  • Synergy Recycling, LLC
  • Systech Environmental Corp
  • TAS Environmental Services, L.P.
  • TBC Corporation
  • Temarry Recycling, Inc.
  • Terrapure Environmental
  • The Lab People LLC
  • The Penray Companies
  • Thermopac Process Engineering LLP
  • Titan Logix Corp.
  • TopSail Energy LP
  • Trailside Consulting, LLC
  • Transcourt Tank Leasing Inc.
  • Tri State Oil Reclaimers, Inc
  • Trihydro Corporation
  • Truck Works LLC
  • Turn-Key Environmental
  • Uni-ram Corporation
  • Unitek Solvent Services, Inc.
  • US Ecology, Inc.
  • US Foundry
  • Usher Oil Company
  • Valicor Environmental Services, LLC

  • Valley Environmental Services LLC
  • Valvoline LLC
  • Veolia North America
  • Vertex Energy Inc
  • Vesco Oil Corporation
  • Waste Oil Collectors Inc
  • WasteBits
  • Water Integrated Treatment Systems, LLC
  • WC Leasing
  • WEBA Technology
  • Werts Welding & Tank Service, Inc.
  • Westchester Waste Oil Company, Inc.
  • Western Oil Inc
  • World Oil Corp
  • World Petroleum Corp.
  • Wren Oil
  • Xeray Systems Inc
  • XL Insurance, Division of AXA
  • Ygriega Environmental Services LLC
  • Zurich




"Interest in our business has drastically increased over the last 12-18 months. We had a lot of activity at the 2016 Mid-Year Meeting with much follow up. We recently secured 2 major orders for equipment and our fluid sales keep growing as well. I was curious why all of this activity and how did the market learn about us? I suddenly realized that the interest was coming in from NORA members. We have been actively advertising (Membership Directories & Liquid Recycler magazine) and attending the meetings. We are now seeing the positive results.  Needless to say we are a firm supporter of NORA."

-Bill Dempsey, Haz~Mat Environmental Services 



"NORA has been a great asset for networking and learning about the industry outside of my daily circle."

-Tommy Ayers, Products Plus, Inc.


"NORA membership provides valuable news and information about the used oil industry. It allows us to participate in key industry and political developments while providing a forum for members to meet to discuss and develop strategies to protect our industry. NORA also allows technology companies like ourselves to present our technology and developments to potential clients."

- Chemical Engineering Partners


"NORA offers an ideal forum for networking with antifreeze recyclers and discussing the most important issues facing the industry."

- Dennis Kelly, Dober


"Dexsil values its membership with NORA as a way to stay in touch with the used oil industry and keep up with changing issues and challenges. We appreciate our NORA customers and are always here to assist with any questions about our field test kits or laboratory analysis."

- Dexsil Corporation


"There are several NORA members already utilizing our products. We say "Thank you" to our fine NORA customers.” 

“The benefits of the NORA family are endless. NORA allows us to reach potential customers with paper ads, banners, meetings and member referrals. The educational value of their meetings has proved advantageous in our day to day business."

- Larry Svoboda, Ecosorb International Inc.


"I'm a NORA member not only to build relationships with others in the same industry, but to gain knowledge through networking which helps us grow our company. I don't view other NORA members as competitors but rather as business partners in that we can share information to help be more efficient in our business and sometimes customers to which products can be sold."

- Jim Munnell, Emerald Services


"NORA has continued to be a leader in our industry providing both resources and defending the industry. NORA has shown it believes in what its members believe by asking the questions in an open forum and providing solutions to the industry and not to specific members. The resources, education, and networking opportunities all include top reasons to NORA remains a partner with Enterprise Oil. The most recent meeting which included the EH&S Forum was very helpful to our company which brought light to several areas which we are faced with on a day to day basis."

- Andy Pritchard, Enterprise Oil


"As the Canadian Oil Recycling Market is different than the American Market, being a member of NORa has helped us stay in touch with the changes that are faced by American companies so that we can also prepare for them if they have not already come our way."

- Guy Tomlinson, Little Dipper Holdings


"NORA is very valuable in meeting new potential customers and staying in contact with existing ones. NORA also provides platforms for us to keep our customers informed of our new products."

- John Faris Jr., Oilmen's Truck Tanks, Inc.



"NORA membership allows us to interact with the major players in our industry, from collectors to marketers to service providers, including those that specifically cater to us in the re-refining sector. Membership in the group keeps us informed of important issues facing our industry. Owing to our Puerto Rico location, the advantages of being a NORA member increase exponentially. We are a bit isolated from other NORA members, but we've been able to overcome that distance by routinely attending NORA events and by reaching out to the group not only for support and advice, but also to explore growth opportunities. We feel confident that being a member of NORA has given us the tools and resources we need to continue to grow our business."

- Jorge "Tato" Gonzalez-Camp, Olein Recovery Corporation


"We feel that it is important to be good corporate stewards not only in the industry but also in the community and NORA is the type of organization that exemplifies this belief. This is why Plummer's Environmental Services is a proud member of NORA. The organization provides us with the rare opportunity to debate industry trends and regulations with our peers and competitors in a venue that will really make a difference. In addition to the relationship building garnered at NORA events, we are provided the ability to meet suppliers and vendors who offer services and equipment that are both beneficial and relavant to our industry. NORA aids in the growth of our company by keeping us on the leading edge of industry trends and regulations and by allowing us the chance to build new business opportunities."

- Plummer's Environmental Services Inc.


"With a strong and growing membership of like-minded companies, Safety-Kleen views NORA as an invaluable resource and partner in the advancement of high industry standards and practices, and a constructive forum in which to share ideas and develop relationships."

- Safety-Kleen, A Clean Harbors Company


"NORA membership not only reinforces our commitment to improve waste oil collection in North America, it also provides a common ground with which to network and begin relationships throughout the industry. The numerous events provide an opportunity to meet, catch-up with and ultimately demonstrate the innovation of SmartBin's solution face to face with fellow members. We are always impressed by the educational resources and hands on approach of the NORA team and foresee a long and rewarding relationship ahead."

"We find that the NORA Membership Directory not only provides us with helpful market information but also the contact details which we use to communicate the benefits of SmartBin's solution to members. Most members will have received an informative email from SmartBin or even an UBi sensor stress-ball in the mail! The detailed directory ensures we market only to members who can benefit from our solution, never spamming or contacting members that don't collect waste oil or water."

- SmartBin


"NORA membership has provided Trihydro a valuable platform to meet industry partners, and understand current issues that may impact business. NORA events also facilitate opportunities to meet with several of our current clients, and identify potential areas where our services may help member industries remain focused on their core businesses."

"Participation in NORA has exposed Trihydro to a large number of companies and businesses. Our NORA activities have resulted in several new opportunities and clients, has helped our staff better understand the industry, and has made us more effective at developing timely and cost effective solutions for our clients"

- Gary Risse, P.E., Trihydro Corporation



"When I went to my first NORA Conference, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I have to say it was awesome.  Everything we could have needed was available and everyone we met were so friendly and inviting. This is so rare in a competitive business like ours. 
We really enjoyed the sessions and found them very beneficial. The networking opportunities were endless and I made quite a few contacts that I would have probably never made if I wasn't apart of this unbelievable association." 


- Bill Ensor, B & E Oil Svcs. Inc. 


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